The people we know

This is my good buddy Sam. He is one of the hardest working human beings I have met in my entire life. As an immigrant from Cuba, in search of better opportunity, Sam has transformed his life and shown anyone who has come in contact with him what it's like to work for what you desire and truly be anything you want if you believe in yourself and just do it. He never forgets to be grateful for what and who he has around him, he stays positive and when it's time to make it happen, he just does it. Such an inspiration to me.

There were mornings, training for my first 50 mile run, I'd wake up and sit at the foot of my bed, with my elbows on my knees and my face in my hands. And in my own self-agony remember that at the dark winter hour of 5:30am, Sam had already been at the gym for a half hour… and it was in those moments of remembering my good buddy, my coworker, my new inspiration, working his ass off for all he wanted, I'd get up, layer up and get out the door.

It's been a blessing to get to know Sam and watch his journey unfold. Tomorrow he steps on stage in Vegas, representing the state of Colorado at USA's. I can't be more stoked for him. He is gonna get up there, strut his stuff and make us proud. No matter the outcome, Sam will remain a massive (pun intended 😉) role model to me in all he's faced, overcome and worked so hard for to get where he is.


a passion to endure

two years ago today, my life changed forever.

i never in a million years would have guessed the incredible type of emotion that would sweep through my heart, mind and soul after swimming, cycling and running my way through the finish line of my first triathlon. i also never would have guessed the amount of passion, self honesty and betterment that would eventually be yielded by the hours and miles of effort and thought.

after being humbled, disciplined and trained in the way only a triathlete would understand, i can genuinely say with every ounce of honesty in my being, the sport of triathlon has made me a better person. i have a different respect for humans. for efforts. for training one’s body to a point of physical fitness you feel would make it impossible to surpass your current state at any point in the near or far future. or even just a simple respect for those who get out every day, whether they’re the fastest, strongest, slowest or just simply looking to be ‘better’, put the miles and time in… and get it done.

triathlon has opened doors for me. taught me things i didn’t know about limits and how far we can push ourselves if we really, truly want to. as a runner of 15 years, i can actually say, it was triathlon that has taught me to “endure”… it is triathlon that has taught me i have a long life of physical and emotional trials ahead of me… but it was also triathlon that has taught me – i’ll make it through – because i want to.


two years ago today was one of the best days of my life. because i learned that there is just SO much more to it all than i was leading myself to believe.


thanks to everyone of you – friends and family – who’s dealt with my posts, as proud as they’ve definitely been. but more importantly thanks to all of you who’ve stood there and cheered me on. liked a photo. chatted about a race. shared a run. offered pointers. asked for advice. anyone who’s shared even so much as a second of your time with my journey. it means the world and i can assure you, this journey has just begun. the introduction is over and the chapters are begging to be written.