Remembering your team

Training for an ultra in the winter can be challenging. It doesn’t just make you question your motives, but at times, quite possibly why you even do it at all. Out the door and back before the sun is even up, icy roads and trails — warm summer mornings becoming a distant dream… and through it all, I know that beyond the lessons and character building trials we spend pushing ourselves to uncomfortable limits in the winters grasp, it is us that ultimately gets ourselves there. Anyone will tell you, we’re the ones who put in the work that ultimately ends up getting us from A to B… but really we’d be remiss not to mention, recognize and to an extent, praise and thank the ones that we’ve spent many steps of our way with that are owed the biggest gratitude. It’s them who know what we’ve put in. It’s them that may have helped us rise to the occasion, early on a Sunday morning, to hit a soggy trail for hours before the rest of the city is even awake. Or perhaps out to a trail we’ve never seen before reminding us how important a fresh perspective can be. It’s them that we bury our pride in and thank within ourselves for the miles shared. Without them, this little world we’ve made for ourselves struggled to spin. These dudes here have played an integral role in me getting to yet another starting line. And as they will have their own starting and finish lines this year, I can only hope to play even half as important a role for them as they have for me. Cheers fellas. Thanks for reminding me what it’s like to be doing this for more than just myself.


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