High Lonesome

Went and volunteered at a buddy's inaugural hosting of the High Lonesome 100 Endurance Run. As always, I'm so inspired by the heart, desire and will out there at a run like this one. 24k+ vertical feet of climbing topping at 13.1k ft in GNARLY wind, buckets of rain and just some straight up TOUGH conditions. It takes a different kind of person to finish any type of long distance endurance event, but the type of person it takes to go out and even toe the starting line of a "run" like this requires a different kind of heart, mind and guts than most people have ever dreamed of believing exists.

It's so hard for me to believe a finish line like this is anywhere in my future, but my thinking is, if I keep showing up and being so heavily moved by the people out there getting it done, I may, one day, have no choice but to try for myself.

Congrats to all who made this thing happen and with that all those who it happened for.

Here's just a couple photos I took from our aid station at about 10k ft, appx 55 miles in. Horrifying looks on faces do not negate the grit these folks have within.

Last night was something else.


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